About Us

Tattoo School Of India has started 5 years back from this point, and was not having a name though. Gradually, we felt the requirement of educating the mass as there is a lot of boom in tattoo artist industry. There were very less institutions present by 2017 Feb with proper knowledge of tattooing with all best practices implementation.

The requirement is huge worldwide and scarcity of the artist get increased day by day as body art get more common in the fashion industry. So, the thought process is very clear on this to make our website successful globally, educating with the highest standard of hygienic form. Our website contains best practices used techniques with text, images and videos. We give chances to our subscribers in the form of a private forum to ask. We started this course with the intention to help those talented and dedicated artists who would like to learn the craftsmanship of tattooing or improving existing techniques to the next level.

People are not fortunate enough and neglected because they do not know where to start or simply the experts do not answer their questions.

Once you enroll into our programs, we will guide you with basic skills of drawing and tricks and techniques for tattooing.

Tattoo machine may be coiled or motor device which is used to engrave ink on the body so it’s a mandatory to have drawing skills and everything is based on drawing skills. If you have the skill you can learn the tricks and techniques.

We are building this website from years ago and it contains more than 150 video’s and a lot of images. Course starts from basic level ends in colorful reality. Website includes theoretical and techno-practical parts, closely built on each other. The course fees has been kept of Rs. 5000. If you need an apprentice we will provide you the place where you learn and earn. Job assistant is guaranteed internal to India.

No need to go anywhere. It does not matter where you live. You can get DVD’s, forum for one to one discussion and a Skype ID for all your doubt classes. You can repeat review any chapter any time, so knowledge gets deeper and wider. You can learn on good moods, inspiration and time table . The fees are much lower and you will get 6 months of access to the website and private forum on Skype to answer any problems you face. If you want to become an expert tattoo artist, Say YES!! This website is right for you.